Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A friend of mine just asked why I hadn't written in awhile.... Besides waiting for inspiration to strike, I've also been waiting for the Steven "see ya later, gator" Slater thing to blow over.

My profession is in the spotlight. Here are two examples of what I mean, completely opposite but not without their merit.

And this on Martha Stewardess' page Living at 34,000 feet: AUTHOR UNKNOWN

In my humble opinion both are very well written. I'm not a Libra (Whew! for those who read White Knucklers 5/09 blog) but I can see both sides.

I love my job. No, I do not have a burning desire of a thousand suns to pass out drinks, smile on demand, clean up vomit and nag people to death about electronics. I love my job for the time off, pay, benefits and flexibility. Yes. In that order.

Would it makes things nicer for me if people were polite and looked me in the eye? Yes. Do I expect it? Sadly, no. Will it ruin my day or build up inside me until I'm yelling profanities and popping slides? Probably not but there are no guarantees. I grew up with a mom that could make sailors and truck drivers blush.

I think we just need to use a little common sense. Whether you are at the grocery store, airport or driving down the highway. We all have a job to do and we all have the capacity to be nice.


  1. I used enjoy traveling. Like many people today, my first thought is to see if driving is feasible so as to avoid flying. It took me a while, but I realized what I disliked the most about flying was the people. They have changed. Airports have changed. People today are miserable. From the check in desk, to luggage, to security, to the gate desk, to the people in the airport. They are mostly miserable.

    Then you get crammed into a seat with hardly any space, most times next to someone who encroaches into your area. Even the crew are not happy on US flights. I am always someone who smiles, who says hello and appreciates the work the crew does. My father was an aircraft engineer so I have been around plans and crews most of my life.

    .. but most crews I see are just as miserable as every one else. Last one I saw had a face like thunder. The service by most is sub pair and is 1 step above walking down the plane throwing cans of coke and a packet of peanuts in your face. I was on one flight where about 95% of the people were just miserable and angry (plane delayed). I smiled at the crew, I said please and thank you etc.. did it get me a smile back? no.. did it get me better service? no.. did it appear in anyway to make a difference to the crew? no..

    I miss the good old days..

  2. a face like thunder... I love that imagery. I completely understand. Working with these same people sucks my will to be weird.
    It makes my moment when people like you smile at me, whenever and wherever I am but especially at work. A few kind words go a long way.
    Sometimes I channel Dori from "Finding Nemo" and sing to myself "keep on swimming, keep on swimming". It pays to be pleasant.

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